“Thought gesture” progress

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  I wanted to share some further developments on my work “Thought Gesture.”  This involves layered white sheets of tulle fabric with sewn gestural lines.  I have discovered a type of polyester thread made in Germany that has an almost iridescent light reflective quality.  Really enjoying the experience of working with it.  The pieces measure about 8’H x 8’W but I intend to make them about 24′ long total in a series of reds, blues and greens.

“Dream Sequence”

Dream Sequence 1

I hope you are all having a lovely and restful holiday.  I wanted to share a new experiment I am working on with nylon tulle fabric that is off-white and very  transparent.  I sew the tulle with an elaborate network of red thread and I had begun to layer on my wall.  The sunlight through my studio window caught the layers and highlighted the shadows of the sewn lines in a way I really enjoyed.  I intend to do a series of three of these tulle “assemblages” in red, green and blue thread.  Here is a sample of the red version.  Cheers!

“Flight Pattern” and “Reverie” in action

I am happy to share some video documentation of “Flight Pattern” and “Reverie” that was recorded by Al Wong.  This video is 3:24 minutes in length and provides a very good sense of my creative process which is fundamentally iterative as I respond back and forth to the materials.  “Flight Pattern” is the collage installation with cut paper, hair netting and thread which is the piece I am actively working on in this video.  “Reverie” is the vegetable netting work in reds and greens on the wall behind me.

I also wanted to share an additional 1:34 minute video from Al Wong of me at my sewing machine assembling the vegetable netting that comprises of the “Reverie” wall installation.  There are a couple of things that you might notice in this video;  the first is the sound of jazz master Paul Desmond in the background. I love jazz and it is a continual source of inspiration in my work.  The second of course is the powerful grinding sound of the sewing machine itself, a 1968 Singer workhorse, Fashion Mate model 237 made of solid cast iron.  It is probably one of my most treasured tools as an artist.

In front of my sewing machine and at my work table; my all time favorite place to be!