Articles and Reviews

Meet Holly Wong online artist interview, Bold Journey. July 16, 2024.

In Chautauqua Visual Art’s ‘Passion for Paper,’ artists innovate, explore with everyday material by Julia Weber, The Chautauquan Daily. July 11, 2024.

Interview with Holly Wong, Maake Magazine, Issue 16, curated by Stephanie Baptist, Winter 2024.

New Visionary Magazine, Issue 9, Curated by Christina Massey, In Press, Winter 2024.

MACC presents Chenta Laury’s Adaptive Frameworks and Holly Wong’s Mending Body/Mind, Sept. 12 to Oct. 28, 2023, Maui Now. September 13, 2023.

Installations by Holly Wong and Stephanie Leitch Create Liminal Experiences at OCA by Heather Hopkins, Artists of Utah. August 19, 2023

Holly Wong Guardian of the Spirits, Art Spiel online blog feature by Etty Yaniv. May 3, 2023

Bay Area’s Big Contemporary Art Fair at Fort Mason This Weekend by Leslie Katz. April 22, 2023

Guardian of the Spirits Gallery Embraces Femininity by Christian Arndt, The Rocky Mountain Collegian. April 12, 2023

Weaving Fabric, Film, and Light, Holly Wong Celebrates Women's Energy by Mary Corbin, 48 Hills. February 20, 2023

Holly Wong’s Alchemical Art Process by Jane Vick, Pacific Sun Weekly. August 17, 2022

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San Francisco’s Floating Myths by Artist Holly Wong, Broke Ass Stuart Artists You Should Know, written by Alex Mak. April 8, 2021

Phoenix: Holly Wong's Elaborate Drawing Installations and Sculptures @ SLATE Contemporary, Oakland, Juxtapoz Magazine online feature. March 17, 2021

Holly Wong: Phoenix at SLATE Contemporary, Art Spiel online blog feature by Etty Yaniv. March 29, 2021