Mixed Media

“Calypso,” 2019, Polyester tulle, thread, dichroic film, cellophane, painted vellum and gold foil.  9’W x 4’H x 6″D.

“The Muses,” 2019, Polyester tulle, thread, dichroic film, cellophane and paper lace doilies.  Series of 4, each measuring 3’H x 2’H.

“Flight of Thought” 2018, Gouache, ink and graphite on paper, transparency film and thread, 3’H x 2’W.

“Thought traveler” 2018, Drafting film and thread, 4’H x 1.5’W.

“Reverie” 2018, Dichroic film, tulle, vinyl tablecoth, gold foil and thread, 3’H x 4’W.

“Lost Language II” 2018, Embroidered linen, fabric, tulle, painted paper, magazine clippings and thread, 6’H x 4’W.

“Voyager” 2018, Tulle, magazine clippings, thread, gold foil, 5 1/2’H x 4’W.

“Pathway” 2018, Sewn plastic bags, tulle, paper, 5’H x 3’W.

“Hidden Inheritance,” 2014, Paper, plastic bags, string, tulle, garland, 7’H x 10’L x 3″D.

“Lost Language I,” 2011/1995, Cotton, thread and blood, 6’H x 3’W x 2’D.