Collector Testimonials

Ron Janssen
New York

Collector Ron Janssen has long been a supporter of my work, journeying to see my exhibitions throughout the United States. He describes below what the work signifies and how it has grown over time.

“As a collector of art, I specialize in work of quality by visual artists who have had limited representation in the usual outlets of journals, galleries, museums or other public venues. This was the case with Holly Wong when I first became familiar with her work in somewhat out-of-the-way galleries in Vermont, North Carolina, Illinois. In the time that I have acquired Holly’s work, she has become much more of a public presence in the artworld with frequent shows and public talks in a variety of places. As I think back over the work I have seen, I feel confident that Holly’s art career is on a growth curve that is likely to continue for a good long time.

What attracts me to this artist’s work? At first it was the sheer beauty of the pieces that I saw, their color, texture, design, whether it was installation work or two-dimensional wall pieces or photographs. This should be enough, and yet I have known from the very first viewing of Holly’s work that there was one thing more: some underlying drive in the artist herself, a need to know something that lay just beyond the edge of clear understanding – “the biology of thought,” “silent music,” a descent into inner depths under guidance of a range of classical muses, Persephone, Calypso, Demeter, and more. Looking at Holly Wong’s artworks, reading through their titles – “Passage,” “Emerge,” “Flux,” “Pathway,” “Side Trip,” for example – one gets a clear sense of the importance of process and exploration and discovery in her work. One cannot help being convinced of the integrity of form and content and guiding thought that Holly’s overall and ongoing project represents. And I do not need more than that.”

Collector Joyce Y. from San Francisco discusses “Lucid Dream” (displayed in the background). Joyce has greatly encouraged my work and describes why this painting is meaningful to her and what it is like having my work in her home. The video is 1:28 minutes.