“Variance” Group Exhibition..

I am so excited to be participating in the Summer 2021 online group exhibition “Variance” through I Like Your Work Podcast. My featured work is “Icarus 1” which I have included below.

There are many wonderful artists in this show and you can view online at:

Holly Wong: “Icarus 1″, 19″x24” Graphite, gouache and candle smoke on paper with hand cut drafting film, 2021.



Finding something new is one of the best feelings as an artist.

The challenge was to pick only a few works from a fantastic group of submissions. But, of course, we go into these processes with our baggage and biases as individuals. I just completed my MFA journey, and I focused on a set of ideas for quite a while. From the first set of submissions, I knew my expectations were a false ceiling in judging this work. The work was so good! So I reset myself and opened my mind to what I was seeing. It was like taking off sunglasses and finally seeing the brilliance of the sky.

The artists were in their own conversations with form and color, gesture and material, pattern and scale. Art is a way that individuals filter their experiences, and within this work, I feel their voices manifested as visual documentation of feelings. There were moments of solace and moments of anxiety. There were the structures of life revealed both organic and linear. The color was used both as an overwhelming force and as subtlety.

The breadth of the artists’ work is the story of this exhibition—embracing the perspectives of all these other people who are experiencing this very same world in widely different ways. New ways of seeing the world are a gift that expands your understanding.

I appreciate the opportunity to review this work for Erika and the I Like Your Work community. It was challenging but super fun. I wish all my artists out there nothing but long, prosperous studio days.


New Work at Dana L. Wiley Gallery

This is “Icarus 3,” part of my new series of works on paper on exhibit at Dana L. Wiley GALLERY in the “Movement+Space” group exhibition. Graphite, gouache, candle smoke and cut drafting film on paper. 19″x24″ on acid free bristol, framed in maple wood.

This image feels intensely layered and steeped in memory for me. It is if I am painting my mind as a secret/overflowing garden. The myth of “Icarus” is about an intense yearning to reach light so much so that it leads to self-destruction. I often walk that line. 😀🌈

To view prices and available works, visit: https://danalwileygallery.com/collections/movement-space?page=4

Exhibit Review in Visual Art Source…

I am so thrilled that San Francisco Bay Area art writer and critic DeWitt Cheng had a chance to visit my solo exhibition at SLATE Contemporary, in Oakland, CA recently. Below is his wonderful and insightful review as featured in the May 15, 2021 Visual Art Source Weekly Newsletter. My exhibition is up through May 29, 2021 and you can view more works at:


Early Morning in the Studio with Phoenix..

This is me early in the morning working on “Phoenix.” Getting up early means complete concentration. 😀 I needed to draw on both sides of this 11 foot installation and this was the only way! This piece was both a psychological and physical test for me. Sometimes the challenge of working this large felt overwhelming but ultimately I got there one day at a time!

View this installation on Saturdays at Slate Contemporary Gallery in Oakland, CA. They are open from noon-5pm and weekdays by appointment. The show is up through May 29th! ❤🌷


Photo credit: @alwongart

Exhibition Photos of “Phoenix” at SLATE Contemporary

I am so excited to share installation photographs from my solo show “Phoenix” on exhibit now at SLATE Contemporary Gallery in Oakland, CA.  This is my first solo show in the San Francisco Bay area and will be up until May 29, 2021. 

SLATE Contemporary Gallery is open for visitors Saturdays from 12pm-5pm.  They also welcome private appointments throughout the week to view the exhibition.  Contact info@slateart.net
View available works at: https://slateart.net/exhibition/phoenix/
Artist: Holly Wong Gallery: SLATE Art Photographer: John Janca
Artist: Holly Wong Gallery: SLATE Art Photographer: John Janca
Artist: Holly Wong Gallery: SLATE Art Photographer: John Janca
Artist: Holly Wong Gallery: SLATE Art Photographer: John Janca
Artist: Holly Wong +Various Gallery: SLATE Art Photographer: John Janca

Artist’s Talk at SLATE Contemporary Gallery on April 1st at 5pm, PDT

Holly Wong working on “Phoenix,” 132″ X 132″. Graphite on drafting film with sewing. Photo credit: Al Wong

Please join me for my artist’s talk and virtual tour of my solo exhibition “Phoenix” at SLATE Contemporary Gallery on April 1st, 2021 at 5:00pm PDT. I will be discussing my practice and the inspirations behind my work.

To register for the talk, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/phoenix-opening-reception-artist-talk-tickets-145123451149

The exhibition will be up from April 1, 2021 – May 29, 2021. All of the works featured in the exhibition were created during the shelter-in-place order over the past year and, so, reflect my spiritual and visual responses to the pandemic, social injustice, and my desire for personal and social transformation. 

The display presents a wide variety of expressive modes, including a large-scale drawing-based installation titled Phoenix, to which this show is dedicated, as well as a series of more intimate works on paper, larger scale paintings on paper, and assemblages.

To view works in the exhibition, visit: https://slateart.net/exhibition/phoenix/

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Exhibit at Mobilia Gallery…

I am so happy to be participating in the group exhibition “Domestic Disturbances” with Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA. The piece below is titled “Eos II” and is made of painted paper that has been hand cut and mounted on acid free paper. 19″ x 24″ framed in white wood and available.

I created ‘Eos II’ with the intent to offer energy, color and light to viewers, especially in these challenging times. Eos is the Goddess of the Dawn in Greek mythology and has power over light.

To view the exhibition online, visit: https://www.mobilia-gallery.com/exhibits/domestic-disturbances/


Artist Talk at Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts…

I am hoping you can join me on Saturday, February 6, 4-5PM CST for a virtual lecture about my new installation “Spiral Dance,” which I created for the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts @wmquiltfiberarts upcoming exhibition “Remnants” (February 4-April 25, 2021). More info and ZOOM LINK in the website link below. This event is generously supported by grants from @surface_design @kohlerfoundation. #hollywong #hollywongart #wmqfa #surfacedesign #wiarts #fiberart #publicarts53012


UNC Asheville International Drawing Show…

I am so honored that “Juliet of the Spirits II” was selected to be exhibited in the University of North Carolina Asheville 12th Annual International Contemporary Drawing Exhibition. The work selected for this group exhibition is as diverse as it is fantastic. Check it out at https://aah.unca.edu/exhibitions/drawing-discourse/dd-13-test Beautifully curated by the amazing @pamelaphatsimo

“Juliet of the Spirits II” is 12″ x 16″, made in 2020. It is gouache, candle smoke and graphite on paper with hand cut drafting film. An homage to one of my favorite films by the great Frederico Fellini and his fearless exploration of truth through fantasy and imagination.

This work is available for purchase through SLATE Contemporary at https://slateart.net/contact/

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