“Thought gesture” progress

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  I wanted to share some further developments on my work “Thought Gesture.”  This involves layered white sheets of tulle fabric with sewn gestural lines.  I have discovered a type of polyester thread made in Germany that has an almost iridescent light reflective quality.  Really enjoying the experience of working with it.  The pieces measure about 8’H x 8’W but I intend to make them about 24′ long total in a series of reds, blues and greens.

“Dream Sequence”

Dream Sequence 1

I hope you are all having a lovely and restful holiday.  I wanted to share a new experiment I am working on with nylon tulle fabric that is off-white and very  transparent.  I sew the tulle with an elaborate network of red thread and I had begun to layer on my wall.  The sunlight through my studio window caught the layers and highlighted the shadows of the sewn lines in a way I really enjoyed.  I intend to do a series of three of these tulle “assemblages” in red, green and blue thread.  Here is a sample of the red version.  Cheers!

Artist communities and Flight Pattern

This week, I wanted to ask a question as well as share more images and thoughts about my work.  For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, are you aware of any artist communities or collectives where one can participate in critiques, workshops and group show activities?  I deeply value being in connection with others engaged in visual practice.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In addition, attached are further updates on “Flight Pattern.”  I have started integrating hair netting material into my work which is normally worn by food service workers.  It is a thin paper-like net that I cut up and tear and then sew upon.  I have been layering it upon the deeper colored/textured elements and it appears to have a gossamer like effect to me.  I have also started using cut up paper foil doilies in the work with the goal of a subtle shimmering beneath the surface of the piece.  Hope you enjoy and have a great week!



“Pathways” series begins

These are detail views of a new series of small works (7″ x 7″) which involves hand-sewing embroidery floss to drawing paper.  I enjoy the intimacy and speed of working at this size and there is an immediacy in the way the colors of the bright thread interact.  I use maroon thread to anchor the embroidery floss to the page and that practical action is its own design element.