Artist communities and Flight Pattern

This week, I wanted to ask a question as well as share more images and thoughts about my work.  For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, are you aware of any artist communities or collectives where one can participate in critiques, workshops and group show activities?  I deeply value being in connection with others engaged in visual practice.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In addition, attached are further updates on “Flight Pattern.”  I have started integrating hair netting material into my work which is normally worn by food service workers.  It is a thin paper-like net that I cut up and tear and then sew upon.  I have been layering it upon the deeper colored/textured elements and it appears to have a gossamer like effect to me.  I have also started using cut up paper foil doilies in the work with the goal of a subtle shimmering beneath the surface of the piece.  Hope you enjoy and have a great week!



“Pathways” series begins

These are detail views of a new series of small works (7″ x 7″) which involves hand-sewing embroidery floss to drawing paper.  I enjoy the intimacy and speed of working at this size and there is an immediacy in the way the colors of the bright thread interact.  I use maroon thread to anchor the embroidery floss to the page and that practical action is its own design element.

“Reverie” continues

This week, I focused on layering the vegetable netting in different colors to see how things started to interplay.  The strong primary colors of the plastic netting really activate each other visually and I overlay with black netting and a network of sewn black lines to give a sense of depth.  This wall installation now measures approximately 9’L x 7’H.

Updating “Flight Pattern”

I have made some interesting changes on my piece called “Flight Pattern.” I had been working simultaneously on 11″x 14″ thread drawings in various colors but was resistant to the restrictions of the rectangular paper. I have now cut those drawings up and integrated them into the larger “Flight Pattern” wall piece in progress. There is something about the flow of color, the tangle of thread and the “leaves” of paper that overlap that I really enjoy. Reminds me of the Camellia trees outside my window.

Sketchbook pages

sketch book pg

With my sketchbook pages, it is often the space where I feel the most liberated.  This drawing is from my studio journal from when I was working on “Constellation.”  It shows my interest in certain parts of the installation having a focused center of gravity and weight.

“Flight Pattern” in progress

I am currently working on collage elements for “Flight Pattern” which involves cutting images primarily from fashion and interior design sources and starting to arrange by groupings of color and texture.  I then piece them together with my sewing machine and then will eventually attach these to pieced Duralene backing.  This work is about fragmented color and how beauty feels most profound to me when it is imperfect and constantly reinventing itself.

“Reverie” in process

This is a work in progress that I am excited about called “Revery.” It is made from plastic vegetable bags, the red, green and yellow plastic netted bags that hold ginger, avocados, and oranges. I sew them together, cut them up and sew back in a meditative pace as they slowly develop a type of web on my wall. I find it very soothing.  I am attracted to the vegetable netting because it feels organic and malleable but yet is not.  It is that place when both things can be true and I try to really explore that in my work.