Mind/Forest at VAE Raleigh


I am thrilled to announce that I will be exhibiting “Mind/Forest” at the Visual Artist Exchange (VAE) in Raleigh, NC for the dates of August 22, 2018 – October 6, 2018.  I will be installing this work in their CUBE space which is an experimental environment for installation and performance works.  More to follow as I prepare for this!
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Afternoon light

This is the light at around dusk through my studio window.  It feels to me as if there is something in the work that is rising or releasing.  This is my “Mind/Forest” installation in progress…exciting to share more of my journey.
#hollywongart  #installationart  #fiberart  #lightworks  #californiaart

Morning Light

Mind Forest
Morning light has a silvery quality to me that teaches me about the materials in a new way.  The light reflects off the density of the vegetable netting and tulle and makes it feel surprisingly dense to me.  More ongoing explorations in “Mind Forest”.
#hollywongart #lightworks #californiaart #installationart

Silent ways…


As I work with deeper colors, the thread is a language more strongly emerging in the work.  I feel a kind of mental silence when I see the colors and the light interplay and am excited to see where this project takes me.


As I begin to build up mass with the pieced vegetable netting and plastic twine, I am seeing the shadow and the silences emerge in the work.  Perhaps I will call this project “Mind/Forest.”  Let me know what you think!