Artist’s Statement


Photograph of the artist in her studio, shot by Al Wong, ©2018, color photograph.

I create installations integrating non-traditional approaches with more traditional sewing techniques associated with the history of women.  Using various materials such as cellophane, dichroic film, tulle, paper, paint and candle smoke, I strive to reconnect in myself as well as in the external environment what has been fragmented.  Much of my work is constructed with ephemeral materials that are components which become a visual whole.  Recent work has focused on describing the immediacy of needing to be in the present moment in order to avoid further environmental destruction.  Living on the West Coast, I have become deeply aware of the destruction of the lands, traditions and cultures of native peoples and how that has translated ultimately to a throwaway society that is leading to our collective destruction.

I believe that the psychic disconnect in modern times has resulted in a tendency to treat the earth as if it was a disposable resource. Through the action of painting and sewing, I build and construct and then by cutting, resewing, and burning, structures reemerge again.  I often use materials that are commonly thought of as disposable or lacking value; my journey as an artist is ultimately to reclaim and to restore value out of what was previously thought of as worthless. In my work, I am trying to physically demonstrate a healing presence that provides a place of refuge for the viewer and translates towards understanding the need for treating the earth as a sacred refuge in addition to our own bodies.