Artist’s Statement


Photograph of the artist in her studio, shot by Al Wong, ©2018, color photograph.

I create sculptural installations and photographs that address the subtle and ephemeral nature of psychological states.  Using various materials such as tulle and thread, I strive to reconnect in myself what has been fragmented.  Much of my work is constructed with extremely light weight, layered materials that are fragments that become a visual whole.

When I consider the physicality of the body, it brings up feelings of weight and pressure but yet a counter balance of elusiveness and lightness.  My work is a constant process of assembling, deconstructing and then making whole once again.  Through the action of sewing, I build and construct and then by cutting and resewing, structures are reconstructed again.  It is very much the way I feel about the process of life.  It grows, becomes, falls apart sometimes because of our own actions, and then there is the attempt to repair.  But yet in the process of repairing, we become stronger than before.

My photographs as a parallel process capture moments of those ephemeral states. My projects are created within the context of contemporary life where we are faced daily with noise, friction, and conflict; my work offers an alternative to that experience by focusing viewers in the present moment.