Artist’s Statement

When I consider the physicality of the body, it brings up feelings of weight and pressure but yet a counter balance of elusiveness and lightness.  As a result, I make installations and two dimensional works that speak to the hard to define nature of being whole and alive.  Using various materials such as medical gauze, oxygen tubing, wire, Dura-Lene plastic, fashion magazine clippings, and plastic bags I strive to reconnect in myself what has been fragmented.

My work is a constant process of assembling, deconstructing and then making whole once again.  Through the actions of sewing, gluing, or knotting, I build and construct and then by cutting and tearing, structures fall apart and then are reconstructed again.  It is very much the way I feel about the process of life.  It grows, becomes, falls apart sometimes because of our own actions, and then there is the attempt to repair.  But yet in the process of repairing, things become something stronger than before.

The tension of this constant process of rebuilding reflects in the tightly wound and enmeshed nature of my work; constantly drawing, sewing, writing over and over to tell a story that really cannot be told.