Artist’s Statement


Photograph of the artist in her studio, shot by Al Wong, ©2018, color photograph.

I create installations and works on paper that summon protection and celebrate female energy.  Using materials such as colored pencil, drafting film, thread, gouache and candle smoke, I strive to reconnect in myself what has been fragmented.  Much of my work is constructed with ephemeral materials that are both strong and fragile simultaneously.

Working often within the context of memory and impermanence, I gather images and patterns which I draw or paint and then collage and sew, originating from my trauma and pain but then being transformed by my art making.  I often name my pieces after Goddesses because my work once completed becomes a form of drawing down female energy and life force.  I am calling upon those forces of protection through the practice of making artwork.  In these catastrophic times, I want my work to be a source of light and healing for viewers.