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Holly Wong: MANIFOLD at OXH Gallery | 1/18-2/22/24

Press Release


Gallery empowers female and underrepresented artists through local exhibitions

Tampa, Florida (January 18, 2024) – OXH Gallery, in collaboration with Tempus Projects, an art gallery and space for the visual arts community located in Ybor City, is celebrating the grand opening of a new exhibition, “Manifold,” curated by Odeta Xheka, founder of OXH Gallery, on Thursday, January 18.

The exhibition is a solo show by California-based artist Holly Wong, who will be taking over the gallery to reflect on “the ways in which light becomes a record of presence and spirit” through a two-fold presentation.

Hanging on the walls, the series of mounted photographs dating from the late 1990s, shot with large format 4x5 camera and hand printed with traditional dark room methods, reference the passage of time and the power of memory in shaping one’s future. Through the velvety, cinematic images, the artist memorializes her mother whom she lost to alcoholism and domestic violence.

Driven to help provide a healing space through her art for people who face violence without recourse, Wong is determined to take back the power by sealing the scar within the context of both reality and art practice. Spiral Dance, the richly drawn with colored pencil and graphite on drafting film connected together with a sewing machine art installation runs the gamut of the gallery setting a hypnotic yet contemplative rhythm to art exhibition.

"Our grand opening marks a significant milestone, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the vibrant art scene in Tampa,” said Xheka. "This endeavor represents our commitment to fostering diversity in the arts and creating a space where artists and enthusiasts alike can come together to appreciate and celebrate the power of creativity.

Through its online and physical exhibition programs, OXH Gallery will focus on rebuilding the idea of the gallery as a conduit for community and a welcoming home for art lovers and buyers throughout the Tampa Bay area. Above all, it will provide a safe abode for those artists who “follow their most intense obsessions mercilessly and refuse to bend to trends, water their vision down, try to make it logical or edit their soul”.