New installation at o’hanlon Center for the arts

I am pleased to announce that my new installation “Guardian of the Spirits” is on exhibit now as a part of the “Theory Forward” exhibition at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, curated by James Vogel. This work measures 22’L x 12’H x 4’D and is made of silk and polyester organza, thread, cellophane, dichroic film, vinyl table cloth and scanned images of my paintings and drawings.  

“Guardian of the Spirits” is about the growth and flowering of the feminist body, inspired by nature, reborn, and reclaimed by the constant repair of the spirit. The sewing process itself is about repurposing and making a whole out of disparate parts.

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am-2pm and the show is on exhibit through August 31st. To learn more, visit:

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