2 thoughts on “New work on paper..

  1. Is this actually a watercolor? The colors are more vivid and dense than I would have expected—I really like this — of course, one’s views of things is always “colored” by what one knows—- and so, I am reminded in this, of internal human anatomy—-the intricate interwoven texture of arteries and veins….and even different organ systems…..all in the service of supporting life.

    Pretty cool.

    James W. Dilley, MD Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, UCSF Executive Director, UCSF Alliance Health Project

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    1. Hi Dr. Dilley!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and insightful observations! This is opaque water color so it is really quite vivid and dense in terms of color. Yes, I love anatomy and biology as visual references. This particular work involves architectural motifs, aquatic animals and coral reef as well as patterns I saw in fashion magazines. Quite a mash up. Thanks so much for following my progress. :0)


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